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The Great Debate: Cabo vs Cancun?

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

I love Mexico! With quick, direct flights, beautiful beaches, interesting culture, and amazing food, it is the perfect destination for a family vacation, girls’ trip, honeymoon, or couples’ getaway. The two most popular destinations in Mexico (by a landslide) are Cabo, which typically references the two cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, and Cancun, which typically references the area just North and South of Cancun. The great debate is always “which is the best, Cabo or Cancun?” Let’s compare the two based on beaches, activities, hotels, food, and price to determine the BEST destination in Mexico.

Beach: The beaches in both destinations are beautiful! The sparkling, deep blue water of Cabo features the famous arch, while the Caribbean Sea meets the Gulf of Mexico giving Cancun’s beaches clear, turquoise water and powder white sand. Beauty aside, Cabo’s beaches are much rockier and mostly un-swimmable due to strong currents making Cancun the better choice for beach lovers!

Activities: Thanks to Cabo’s rocky, mountainous terrain, there is an abundance of water (private yachts, party boats and more) and land activities (think ATVs in the desert!). Cancun has the world’s largest underground river system making thousands of cenotes throughout the area, and a quick catamaran ride to Isla Mujeres brings you to the best beaches and snorkeling in Mexico! With exciting activity options in both destinations, there is a tie!

Hotels: Both destinations offer a number of fabulous hotels. One of my favorite properties in Cancun was named the MOST INSTAGRAMMABLE hotel in the world, and my go-to adults-only, all-inclusive resort is in Cancun, but Cabo really shines when it comes to luxury properties. From large properties to boutique hotels, the service and attention to detail provided at the properties in Cabo is rivaled by none in Mexico!

Food: Seriously, you can’t go wrong with Mexican food and margaritas. In Cancun, you can find fine dining and (my favorite) authentic Mexican street food, but Cabo takes the cake when it comes to grub! With renowned chefs and unique farm to table venues, Cabo has something to impress even the biggest foodies!

Price: Mexico in general tends to be more budget friendly than some of the Caribbean islands, but Cancun is easier on the pocketbook than Cabo. Flights, accommodations, food, and transfers all tend to be a bit less when visiting Cancun.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference! Both Cabo and Cancún are fantastic destinations for those looking for a quick, beach getaway!

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